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find attached details of of the IBF Open Multi Nation Judo Championships to be held in Belgium this event is open to all Judoka and Associations. Please note the closing date which is a month in advance. The Venue is just 1.5 hours from Calais

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British Sambo Championships 2017

2017 British Sambo Championships

Sponsored by Simon Fortt Form Fabrications

This years British Open was held on Saturday March 17th at Supreme Suite West Bromwich.

The task of running this BSF event was given to John Clarke and Colin Carrott both had been in contact with Matt Gough a leading MMA Promoter and BSF Honorary President it was his idea to use the Venue
U82k with Martin Clarke BSF President Andrew Moshanov FIAS International Representative Matt Gough and Sponsore Simon Fortte

 A Venue more used to seeing Indian weddings, with its lower decorative ceiling and walls it produced a more intimate atmosphere especially as we were used to Sports Halls and the feeling of being in a Aircraft hanger. Matt also organised a sponsor for the medals. Both John and Colin organised most probably the best British Open the BSF have organised.

2017 British Open had Sport Sambo with men, women, children and youths plus we had Combat Sambo. 
Colin & John
The competition attracted Samboists from all over the UK  plus we had fighters from the USA, Ghana, Bulgaria, Russia, Latvia, Siberia, Croatia.

There were so many good matches it was hard to pick out many individuals but the throw of the day must have been
Combat Sambo Pick up

Juris Lescenko (Latvia/Warriors) who threw his opponent with a standing Shoulder Wheel taking him right above his head and spinning him to throw for a total Victory, that was followed by a magnificent Standing Shoulder throw from the Gambian Dominic Agoodoo

We also must not forget the juniors, Dylan White from the Warriors who threw his opponent with a superb Hip Throw to gain a Total Victory. 
Matt Clempner No 1
Combat Sambo Player Mathew Clempner once again showed his mastery of the sport by winning in great style. The 100k plus between Karl Etherington and the Bulgarian Georgio Georgiev was to be a good match but Georgio dominated the match to win on points. Georgio now lives in the UK and is producing some good players at his club.
Win For Georgio

This Championships was not only one of the best it was the best organised and because of the design of the building it allowed Spectators to sit close to the action As you can see the medals were equally disbursed around the Country which shows that Sambo is growing in the UK. 

What always amazes me is that we see on the Internet, in Magazines and Facebook people claiming to do Sambo yet never turn up for Sambo Competitions and their Instructors claim to be Sambo experts yet have no Governing body recognition? Sambo is a Competitive Sport the only way to improve your knowledge is to compete.

Sambo is moving forward and already we have the All England Sport Sambo Championships being held in Folkestone during September, the BCSA will also be running a Tournament in Sittingbourne during December, Scottish Open will be in July and a Sport Sambo Instructors Course will be August. Plus I am sure other regions will be running tournaments in both Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo.
Masters 1
Masters 2

Masters 3

Matthew Clempner will be selecting teams for Combat Sambo for World and European Championships, which be Europeans Minsk Belarus May 18th – 22nd and Worlds Sochi Russia November.

Fighters selected for Worlds and Europeans are 68k Daniel Diamond, 82k  Ryan Cottom 90k Tom Nicholls.

Other events listed are available to all medalist who wish to put their name forward for selection:

Beach SAMBO Open July 16-17 Limassol Cyprus

World Youth and Junior Championships (M&W) Novi Sad Serbia October 12-16

World Masters Championships (M) Greece October 20-23

European Cadets Championships (M&W) Porec Croatia December 1-4

Younger children (Kids)
11 – 12 years old
11 – 12 years old
13 – 14 years old
13 – 14 years old
15 – 16 years olds
15 – 16 years olds
17 – 18 years old
17 – 18 years old
19 – 20 years old
19 – 20 years old
19 and older
19 years older
Veterans 35-39, 40-44,
45-49,  50-54,  55-59,
60 and older

Sport Sambo Players To compete in any of these events you have to have meddled in the British Open or be selected by the EC. FIAS have introduced an Online Registration system where all Samboist taking part in any International Events have to register through their National Body; the BSF Treasurer Colin Carrott is in charge of British Registration

Next Years event is already being planned and will be organised by Mushin Academy Liverpool and we hope you all get behind Sue and Adam to make the 2018 British Open as good as the 2017



Alfie Mitchel Warriors Sittingbourne

William Brice Warriors Sittingbourne

Steven Denchev Bedford


Jameel saddique Burnley

Dylan White Warriors Sittingbourne

Nikita Voitrevic Team Mushin


Eithan Brims Bedford

Dustin Baker Bedford

Teagan Maxwell Bedford



Izzy Namey Spitfire

Riona Hartley Burnley


Francesca Aspey Spitfire

Megan Wood Spitfire

Bethany Poultney Warriors Sittingbourne



Jacob Clark Warriors Sittingbourne

Ewan Hartley Burnley


Owen Cullen Warriors Sittingbourne

Ewan Walker Yorkshire Sambo


Lewis Clarke Warriors Sittingbourne

Connor Small Spitfire



Stuart Kingstone Fightworx

Ian Bloy Warriors Sittingbourne

Roland Newson UK


Megan Wood Spitfire

Amy Walker USA

Francessca Aspey Spitfire



Marian Melnychuk Sambist Academy

Dmitri Iakimenko Russia

Rusland Neiland Matsumatchi


Daniel Diamond Warriors Sittingbourne

Lewis Brooks Manchester

Dominic Agoodoo Ghana


Ivan Alekhin Bradford

Billy Wilsher Fightworx

David Diamond Warriors Sittingbourne


Ryan Cottom Warriors Sittingbourne

Milan Tumes Fightworx

Skara Reardon Legion Fitness


Tom Nicholls Georgiev MMA

Juris Lescenco Warriors Sittingbourne

Nathan Johnson Spitfire


Georgie Georgiev Georgiev MMA

Micheal Corrigan Georgiev MMA


Goergie Georgiev Georgiev MMA

Piotr Chojnacki. Team Mushin

Tom Jackson Bedford



Giedruis Skara Legion Fitness

Conor Rierdan Georgiev MMA


Matt Clempner Manchester

Piotr Team Mushin

Jack Wilson Sambist Academy

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As President of the British Sombo Federation I am often asked what is Sambo

As President of the British Sombo Federation I am often asked what is Sambo

International Sambo was developed by Russian Enthusiasts and consists of two main Disciplines Sport Sambo a Jacket Grappling Sport and Combat Sambo a Jacket Strike and Grappling Sport. Both disciplines have become a World Wide phenomenon and is administered by FIAS Federation of International Amateur Sambo and its British Representative is the British Sombo Federation which is recognised by UK Sport as the Governing Body for Sambo/Sombo

The important fact about International Sambo is to remember it is a Competitive Sport. Many people say practise make perfect well that is not quite true with regard to Sambo. Practice is very important and training at club level is important but to hone your techniques and training is to compete and this is where you learn if your training works. I use the analogy of past Warrior Tribes who would train for Battle but would only be classed a Warrior once they have entered Battle, so you are only a real Samboist once you have competed.

Yes there are Self Defence options to Sambo like my CombatSombo where I have developed a Self Defence Grappling System but even with this I expect students to be aware of its practical implication. Obviously you do not encourage students to go and get into street fights so the next best thing is Combat Sambo

Competition can be done at all levels and remember their plenty of People who claim to do Sambo but are just using the name to promote themselves. As I mentioned the British Sombo Federation is the Governing Body for the Sport and we are a Federation of Sambo Associations, if you want to know who is Official Sambo Club or Coach contacted us  at

For those interested in competing the British Championships are just a few days away with a closing date March 4th 2017 If you do not want to compete or are new to the sport why not come along and watch

Martin Clarke
President BSF
FIAS GrandMaster

Thursday, February 23, 2017


BSF Practical Proficiency Award Scheme

BSF Practical Proficiency Award Scheme

Instructors Awards
Level 1 to 3

Personal Requirements
Level 1
1) Member of a BSF affiliated association
2) Must be an experience Sport Sambo Player
3) Minimum 15 years of age
4) Have First Aid Certificate
5) Has read the BSF Child Protection Policy

Level 2
1) Member of a BSF affiliated association
2) Minimum of 2 years experience in Sport Sambo
3) Minimum 17 years of age
4) Have a First Aid Certificate
5) Has read the BSF Child Protection Policy
6) Level 1 Instructor
7) Level 1 Referee/Timekeeper recorder

Level 3
1) Member of a BSF affiliated association
2) Minimum of 3 years  experience in Sport Sambo
3) Minimum 21 years of age
4) Have a First Aid Certificate
5) Has read the BSF Child Protection Policy
6) Level 2 Instructors
7) Level 1 Referee/Timekeeper recorder
8) Club Level Competition Controller

Examination Requirements
Level 1
1) Demonstrate a correct warm up procedure
2) Demonstrate 3 techniques of the examiners choosing from the syllabus
3) Explain what Safe Exercise means
4) Teach a lesson
5) Questions on Rules of your Discipline

  Level 2
1) Demonstrate a correct warm up procedure
2) Demonstrate 6 techniques of the examiners choosing from the syllabus
3) Explain what Safe Exercise means
4) Teach a lesson
5) Questions on Rules of your Discipline
6) Prepare Lesson Plan

Level 3
1) Demonstrate a correct warm up procedure
2) Demonstrate various Throws counter, combinations plus show arm locks, leg locks and Holding techniques
3) Explain what is meant by Safe Exercise
4) Teach a lesson
5) Questions on Rules of your Discipline and Referee Match
6) Prepare Lesson Plan
All candidates must be aware of

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YJC 60

The Young Judo Club Sittingbourne is 60 this year. The club was started by John(Nobby) Clarke 6th Dan (1927-1990) and Margret Clarke 4th Dan (1926-2004) You can see the history of these founders at and

By reading the Blogs you will see the History of the Club but here is a quick summary:

The Club was started by Nobby and Margret to cater for their two sons Martin and Norman as there was no Juniors Judo Clubs in the County.

In that 60 years the YJC has trained thousands of Judoka, Hundreds to Black Belt standard.  Also they have trained Judoka to win County, Area, National, International and World Championships.

The forth Generations of Clarkes are now actively involved in Coaching and Competing for the Young Judo Club but it has not just been the Clarke family who have brought the Club to be known through out the World but many others and it is the Costa Family who now have a 3rd generation who are involved with the Club taking it to ever higher glories.

Although predominantly a Judo Club, the YJC introduce Karate to the Town in 1962 and this became the Kokusai Karate Club, which still runs from the Swale Martial Arts Club. Other Grappling Sports were introduced, Olympic Wrestling, Sambo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling these went on to form the Warriors Grappling Academy in the early 1980’s plus lets not forget Jiu Jitsu and CombatSombo which were also part of the timetable.

I wonder if Nobby and Margret would have imagined that starting a club for their 2 boys would expanded to so many different Combat Discipline it is a shame they are not ere to see the success of a Club they started in 1957

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BJC Mag 1969

Photo's and article from BJC Mag 1969
In one of the photo's you will see a Young Brian Jacks. The thing that made Brian so Popular he would enter all competitions no matter how big or small or what associations. This was in the day where Elite Athletes were not rated as celebrities

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